May has arrived

This past week I started delivering Baby Kale and Spinach to Cornucopia and Sunny Side in Kaslo.  Nice to start bring veggies back to our community.  In the next weeks fresh greens to the Blue Belle Bistro and more kale and Spinach, as well a red radishes.  Cilantro! oh so soon to.

This Week’s Veggies

Hi All,

This week the list continues to “grow”
Mixed colour Chard in 1lb for $10 or $5 for 1/2lb bags
Basil 1 ounce bags $2.50
Green Onion Bunches $2
Red Radishes Bunches $2.5 (spicey)
Salad Greens Mix 1lb for $12 or $6 for 1/2lb
Lettuce heads: $3. Romaine, Butterhead, Red Oak Leaf, Red Sails, Drunken Women (green with reddish tips)
And Celtuse $3 per head.  This is  botanically a lettuce grown with a long stalk. Old Chinese veggie.  Leaves are a little thicker than lettuce but not tough and the stalk can be peeled and eaten raw or not peeled and lightly steamed.
I nice gentle new taste for your senses.