This Week’s Veggies

Hi All,

This week the list continues to “grow”
Mixed colour Chard in 1lb for $10 or $5 for 1/2lb bags
Basil 1 ounce bags $2.50
Green Onion Bunches $2
Red Radishes Bunches $2.5 (spicey)
Salad Greens Mix 1lb for $12 or $6 for 1/2lb
Lettuce heads: $3. Romaine, Butterhead, Red Oak Leaf, Red Sails, Drunken Women (green with reddish tips)
And Celtuse $3 per head.  This is  botanically a lettuce grown with a long stalk. Old Chinese veggie.  Leaves are a little thicker than lettuce but not tough and the stalk can be peeled and eaten raw or not peeled and lightly steamed.
I nice gentle new taste for your senses.